Plain Flush Doors

Plain Flush Doors� Welset Flush Doors are available in standard thickness ranging from 25mm to 40mm. The doors are designed and manufactured from selected mature timber which is of high quality and thus, ensure high strength and uniformity. Welset Flush Doors are a favorite with builders because of their durability, stability and accuracy of dimensions and thus, have a high demand in the market. Our offered range of doors are warp�free, termite and borer resistant. It is an ideal choice because of its accuracy and excellent dimensional stability in varying humid conditions. Welset Flush Doors are used as interior and exterior door that feature plain facing on both side of the construction. Our typical range of flush door is manufactured using two sections of plywood that is attached to each side of a wooden frame. While the interior of the door is made up of solid hardwood block. These doors are available in various sizes including Thickness 30 MM Standard Sizes HEIGHT 78" | 81" I 84" | WIDTH 26" | 27" I 30" I 32" I 33" I 36" | 38", moreover custom sizes are also available.