Burma Teak Doors

Burma Teak Doors � We offer a huge range of doors that are made from Burma teak wood which is moderately hard, easily worked upon, extremely durable. It is said that beams made 100 years ago from this wood are still functional. The wood contains an essential element that resists the action and penetration of water and thus, prevents weathering and rusting. The Teak wood is also resistant to termites, thus, is widely used for ship building and furniture, flooring and general constructions. Apart from its strength, teak has many other properties like it acts as a natural repellent against ageing, damage and weathering, which makes it better than other woods. We offer a great range of Burma teak doors which are available in various dimensions and sizes such as Thickness 32 MM, 38 MM Standard Sizes HEIGHT 78" | 81" I WIDTH 32" I 33" I 36" | 38" . All our products can be customized as per the needs and specifications of the customers.